Stem Cell Therapy Applications

Stem Cell treatments are Non-Surgical, replacing routine surgeries for knee, hip, and shoulder injuries. Neurological diseases are also now being managed through stem cell therapy. 

Allow HealthcareGetaways to facilitate your medical travel to a renewed and restored self.

Expert Medical Travel Consultant Services:

  • 9 Countries, 12 Cities Worldwide

         Costa Rica, India, Mexico, Columbia, U.A.E., Thailand, Brazil,                   China, and England

  • Direct contact with expert accredited Doctors

  • Determine best treatment 

  • Assist with travel itineraries

  • Book Medical appointments, hotel, and transportation

  • Contact throughout all medical procedures

  • Extended and all important AFTERCARE program

(Personal travel Nurse available)

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What you will experience

Day 1

  • Airport pickup

  • Transport to Hotel 

  • Greetings and tour of Facility

  • Nutritional IV treatment

  • Relax have a good meal

Day 2


Begin Treatment

  • I.V. Vitamin Infusion 

  • I.V. Stemcell Infusion

  • Local Stemcell Injections

           (Real Knee Arthritis Patient)       

Finish Day 2 

  • Hyperbaric O2 Chamber

         (Stimulate stemcells and pain management)

  • Good Meal after long day!

Day 3

Completion of Treatment

  • I.V. Vitamin Infusion

  • Nutritionist Consultation

  • Physician Discharge

  • Transportation to Airport


You will have continued aftercare monitoring progress

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