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Travel to  Yuma/Algodones

Dental Capital of the World


Complimentary hotel stay, at the Cielito Lindo or the Haciendo, when booked through us. 

Dental Costs

Yuma/Algodones vs U.S.A.

You will experience unmatched customer care, incredible cost savings, state-of-the-art dental equipment, and world-class dental procedures.​ All work is warrantied 2-5 years.

    Time Savings


          2 Implants:

          1st trip    3-5 days

          2nd trip   3-6 days

          Total days=11 days




      Price Differences


Crown         $600-$2500
Bridge        $2100-$4500
Implant      $4000-$7500
All-on-4     $23K-$32K
Full Mouth $45K-$80K
Crown         $250-$300
Bridge         $600-$800
Implant       $1450-$1600
All-on-4      $5K-$10K
Full Mouth  $12K-$25K

Allow HealthcareGetaways to facilitate your medical travel. You will return home with a brand new smile. 

Expert Services at no charge to you:

  • Expert medical Travel Consultant

  • Direct contact with expert accredited Doctors

  • Determine best treatment 

  • Assist with travel itineraries

  • Book Medical appointments, hotel, transportation, and transportation

  • Contact throughout all medical procedures

  • Extended and all important AFTERCARE program

(Personal travel Nurse available)

Contact NOW for Confidential Consultation

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