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Costa Rica Algodones U.S.

We've all been to the dentist and were handed a $15,000-$45,000 treatment plan. That's why you are looking at this site. You have made the best decision to work with Us. You will now experience unprecedented customer care like no other on top of the incredible cost savings. For example:

Crown         $600-$2500
Bridge        $2100-$4500
Implant      $4000-$7500
All-on-4     $23K-$32K
Full Mouth $45K-$80K
Crown         $250-$300
Bridge         $600-$800
Implant       $1450-$1600
All-on-4      $5K-$10K
Full Mouth  $12K-$25K
                    Costa Rica
Crown          $350-$500
Bridge         $900-$2100
Implant       $600-$1700
All-on-4      $6K-$16K
Full Mouth   $14K-$32K

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  • Contact throughout all medical procedures

  • Return home a New Person

  • Extended and all important AFTERCARE program

(Personal travel Nurse available)

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